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Since the establishment of Re-Energy Ltd, it endeavours, in addition to expected high level of service, to provide additional services, which represent long-term financial benefits for the customers.

We serve our customers’ confidence with comprehensive care, self-confident professional knowledge, thus reenWISETM – Energy saving system brings significant savings in natural gas and electricity consumption.

Roosevelt Office Building – Budapest
  • Long-term 37%-os electricity savings
  • Long-term reduction of 64% of natural gas consumption for heating

As a result of our energy saving reconstruction works at the Roosevelt Office building, we decreased significantly the energy consumption of the building. The adaptation of the reenWISE methodolgy resulted in a 64% decrease of gas consumption and 37% decrease of electricity consumption.

Roosevelt 7/8

48,000 m2 hypermarket, Auchan – Dunakeszi
  • Long-term 12%-os electricity savings
  • Long-term reduction of 59% of natural gas consumption for heating

Investment for AUCHAN by Re-Energy resulted in a securely operating mechanical engineering system, prompt saving, quick return, and also lower operational costs’
– Bernard Guntz (Director of Investment and Expansion) and
Gusztav Bartko (National Operations and Maintenance Executive)

Auchan Dunakeszi

32,000 m2, Office Building, Science Park – Budapest
  • Long-term 17%-os electricity savings
  • Long-term reduction of 78% of natural gas consumption for heating

By courtesy of Re-Energy Ltd, our gas consumption decreased by 78%, our server rooms were working perfectly, while the ecological footprint of the building decreased significantly and became greener!
– Gabor Noeh (AIG/Lincoln – Operator)

Science Park

20,000 m2, Shopping Center, Savoya Park – Budapest
  • Long-term 11%-os electricity savings
  • Long-term reduction of 23% of natural gas consumption

The main goal was the quick return on investment. Re-Energy Ltd was a professional and flexible partner for us, and within half a year the investment returned
– Xavier Bony – Rákóczi (Savoy Park – Director)

Savoya Park

~60,000 m2, Shopping Center and Office Building, KÖKI Terminal – Budapest
  • 19% electricity savings per year

Our awards, recognitions
National Geographic's online article presented, in a special issue, the results of energy efficiency projects carried out by Re-Energy in the Science Park Office Building.

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realista.hu also introduced Re-Energy’s project at Science Park Office Building. The work was based on the reenWISE methodology and brought significant energy saving for the building.

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Breeam In Use
Breeam In Use's recognition for Science Park Office Building: The Science Park is the very first office building in Hungary but also in Central Europe it is one of the first buildings, which was classified according to each of the three ratings with VERY GOOD grade.

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