Re-Energy Ltd.
Re-Energy was founded in 2008 by native private individuals of economic and engineering specialists with higher education. The founders’ goal is to optimize the energy consumption of buildings and thereby achieve significant energy savings to their customers. Re-Energy Ltd is a member of the group Corten and is focusing on the overall projects targeting energy efficiency.
Moreover, the group is dealing with implementation, maintenance, operation and facility management. The group’s clients include Tesco, Auchan, Koki Terminal, Savoya Park, T-Mobile, Humanic, M1 Business Park, Millennium Towers, Airport Business Park. The group has a national coverage, in addition to Budapest, it serves its customers in two regional centres.

Main services of Re-Energy
  Reducing energy unit prices
  Development of environmentally conscious consumer mind set
  Optimization of energy consumption
  Technical improvements, investments of energy efficiency

Start of the business
The startup company specialized in the operation of the buildings. In the area of operation, due to increased competition, the company’s management started to think how it could represent more its customers’ interest with a significant added value. The most notable expectation occurred in cost reduction. Experience has shown that in the case of the studied buildings, one of the greatest items was the energy cost.
The company’s management had to face the fact that virtually all buildings have a stoker, you can see the chimneys smoking in winter and almost beside them the capacitors, which in turn pour out the heat. This means that the energy has to be pumped into the system and another system needs to pump out the energy from the building. The experience was that this happens everywhere in the world.

Re-Energy’s solution is the reenWISETM – Energy saving system
The present buildings are required to meet several needs at once. Maximum comfort needs to be ensured for the workers in the building and at the same time the very specific needs of the technical equipment in the building needs to be served with high reliability. All of this, of course, must be done in a way so that the energy use of the building is as low as possible.
The essence of the system developed by Re-Energy is to treat and harmonize the building as a single unit, meaning that in an unconventional way we not only optimize consumption on subunits. In addition, improvements in the efficiency of energy use can be achieved more significantly than in the market in a way that in addition to the well-known sources, we recycle the non-conventional sources of waste heat.