reenWISETM – Energy saving system

Re-Energy, building on over 10 years of experience of the group, with recognised university researchers developed and trademarked by the Intellectual Property Office the specific know-how , the reenWISETM – Energy saving system, which has already proved to be successful for many multinational clients.

Based on our experience, most of the buildings’ energy consumption is significantly higher than the minimum available. Under the minimum energy consumption, we mean the available energy demand with our proposed interventions, when the interventions to decrease energy consumption do not result in the reasonable reduction of comfort factors deriving from the proper use of the building.

Thus, to save energy we do not wish to reduce the comfort of the user. (From the point of view of comfort requirements, we follow these standards: MSZ-CR 1752, MSZ-EN 15251, MSZ-EN 13779.)


The essence of the system developed by Re-Energy is to treat and harmonize the building as a single unit, meaning that in an unconventional way we not only optimize consumption on subunits.


In addition, improvements in the efficiency of energy use can be achieved more significantly than in the market in a way that in addition to the well-known sources, we recycle the non-conventional sources of waste heat.

Thanks to our innovative technology, in the development and implementation of our activities, we test the operating systems, according to the information obtained, we prepare complete system design, alternatives and based on this, mechanical execution is carried out, the final system is put into operation, and the building management system – followed by its development, modification – we monitor them and based on the continuous information we obtained we make further operational proposals for our clients.

Our goal is to reduce the primary energy consumption and at the same time to increase the efficiency of use

  by a customized energy solution developed and tested for complex energy consumption buildings, office buildings, factory buildings, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and other service and industrial facilities,

  of which system-wide installation of a 10,000 m2 facility is projected for a period between 2-6 months,

  of which installation will not cause any disruption in the daily operation,

  guarantees a 2-5 year return with the help of a technical development, which reaches its goal with the existing technology systems and their parameters’ synergistic coordination.

Apart from significantly reducing the energy consumption, we greatly improve the ecological footprint as well. In the case of a middle-sized building, we can save HUF 20-50 million a year and we can reduce CO2 mission by approximately 500 tons!

The reenWISETM

Our unique energy saving system treats the building as a unit; it does not optimize the operation of the sub-elements but the overall energy consumption of the building.

Guaranteed savings!

We can achieve up to 78% reduction in gas consumption and 19% in electricity consumption thanks to our unique solution. There is a warranty on the extent of savings.

Patent know-how

The reenWISETM system developed together with university researchers is a unique solution on the market, which is a special know-how trademarked by the Intellectual Property Office.

Recognized knowledge

Our solution has already been presented by National Geographic, several dozens of journals and online publications have dealt with it. The point is that has it has already proved to be successful for many multinational partners.

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