With the reenWISETM energy saving system you can achieve a reduction in gas consumption up to 78%!

Based on site visits and received energy consumption data we make an estimate on the expected extent of energy savings and the estimated costs of the required technical developments.

We present in details the expected consumption data, costs, savings and financial calculations related to the investment. We will investigate the resources of the resulting loss of energy in the building, analyse the type of energy waste generated in the building to know which can be profitably recycled. We describe the steps of intervention in details, conduct schematic level design of technical modifications.

Based on the feasibility study, we carry out the complete overhaul for our customers. Of course, our customers will have the opportunity to carry out the construction themselves based on the study, however, it is less recommended as we have more years of experience in the building of reenWISETM system.

The reenWISETM energy saving system has already been proved to be successful for many customers so we provide warranty on energy saving recommended in the study. Our warranty is only valid for the construction performed by Re-Energy.

In case Re-Energy carries out the construction, we provide a one-year long follow up service after the trial (in addition to the one-year warranty services), which controls the system during operation, includes the fine-tuning of the system to maximize your savings.

reenWISETM – Energy saving system

Since the establishment of Re-Energy Ltd, it endeavours, in addition to expected high level of service, to provide additional services, which represent long-term financial benefits for the customers.

Re-Energy has already shown for many of its multinational partners that with its experience a quick, efficient and professional job can be achieved.

5 main steps of the complex projects are:

Based on energy consumption data we prepare an estimate on the expected increase of energy savings and the estimated costs of the required technical developments.

A full screening survey is carried out for free:

  •   We review the consumption data for the previous years, respectively the design documentations of the existing systems
  •   We screen the mechanical systems
  •   We review the automation and power systems
  •   We review the implementation of the existing energy system
  •   We examine what needs arise during the process of the building and in operation,
  •   and we examine how effectively our existing system is serving the needs.

The offer includes:

  •   the extent of available natural gas and electricity consumption reduction
  •   the rate of total available savings
  •   the total investment cost for implementation
  •   calculation of return

If the offer is accepted we prepare a detailed feasibility study. The study shows what results can be achieved, for that what type of conversion should be carried out and shows the amount of time needed for the new system to be ready.

  •   Survey for consumer behaviour and specific operating parameters
  •   Analysis of energy use of strategic consumers in the building, detailed assessment of energy waste and energy flows
  •   Condition check of the completed engineering and power transmission systems
  •   Condition check of building automation systems, analysis of operating parameters and settings
  •   Establishment of technical alternatives for energy efficiency concept, with the use of recyclable waste energy
  •   Schema diagram level design of technical modifications
  •   Specified cost plan of the implementation, including the expected energy consumption of the implementation
  •   It guarantees savings
  •   Computation of return formed after knowing the energy costs
  •   Schedule of implementation

Based on the feasibility study, there are 2 ways for our clients. One of them is that they themselves carry out the construction based on the described things (or they ask an independent third party) and the other is that Re-Energy Ltd is assigned to carry out the construction.

Benefits if Re-Energy Ltd carries out the construction:

  •   The price of the feasibility study will be included in the construction
  •   We guarantee to achieve savings set out in the study
  •   We are open to develop favourable financial options
  •   Re-Energy Ltd carries out and supervises the work to ensure that its formed reenWISETM – Energy saving system is working properly

During execution, we have the following main tasks:

  •   Preparation of the technical concept of export plans
  •   Tendering of construction work, project management
  •   Building engineering, power plant construction works in addition to the minimal disturbance of the establishment
  •   Building automation programming, setting up a modern regulatory system
  •   Re-Energy system installation and programming, test operation, control of operating parameters

Up to 78% energy savings per year in addition to the same user comfort? 2-4 return on investment? How will we achieve this? Is it sure we can keep this saving?

You do not have to worry about that. Re-Energy Ltd undertakes the contractual guarantee to achieve the savings presented in the study if we carry out the construction.

If Re-Energy carries out the construction, we provide a follow-up service after the trial run for one year (in addition to the one-year warranty services), which includes the control during the operation of the system, the fine-tuning of the system to maximize your savings.

The reenWISETM

Our unique energy saving system treats the building as a unit; it does not optimize the operation of the sub-elements but the overall energy consumption of the building.

Guaranteed savings!

We can achieve up to 78% reduction in gas consumption and 19% in electricity consumption thanks to our unique solution. There is a warranty on the extent of savings.

Patent know-how

The reenWISETM system developed together with university researchers is a unique solution on the market, which is a special know-how trademarked by the Intellectual Property Office.

Recognized knowledge

Our solution has already been presented by National Geographic, several dozens of journals and online publications have dealt with it. The point is that has it has already proved to be successful for many multinational partners.

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